Education & Sports for Economically backward Children & Widow Welfare  


  • Children’s Welfare (Education & Sports)
  • Widow’s Welfare


  1. Children's Welfare (Education & Sports)
    • To help the children living below the poverty line.

    • To provide them social & moral support.

    • To provide correct career counseling.

    • To train & educate them according to their interest.

    • To provide financial support with the help of society.

    • To create interest about sports & train them accordingly.

    • To make them capable to get admission in good school.

    Organization's team is presently working in different parts of Delhi profoundly for the poor slum children. We help them with their studies and provide basic training in getting admission to schools. Apart from that we also generate funds for their school fees and other genuine needs like uniform, bags, stationeries etc…

    Not only that, we also give sports training and believe in finding and nurturing their hidden talents accordingly. We aspire to extend our services at the very grass-root level where government support is not sufficient.

  2. Widow's Welfare
    • To help the Widow's of our society.

    • To stop discrimination against them.

    • To educate them & provide appropriate place in society.

    • To understand their problems & help accordingly.

Approx. half population of our country belongs to women, in which more no. of women are widow. Central and State government give facility to them; but these government projects are not very successful due to multiple reasons like negligence, corruption and lack of accountability.

There are different types of widow in India rich & poor, young & old. Some of them get support from other family members, but those who belong to very poor family, have no support & facility to live and to care about their children properly. Life of such widow is very pathetic; and they need support, love and compassion.

There also exists a group of widow in our country, whose main dilemma is to manage her wealth as their guardian (even their son & daughter) have no respect and plot to kill them due to their wealth. Such types of widows require security. In this pathetic condition, our Organization wants to help every type of widow. Many of them who are young and want to do something to be self dependent by their own needs safe employment. Now we are analyzing such scenario in Delhi & we would like to extend it through out the country, which will also require all possible support from the society.

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