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As a Socially Committed organization Sampark Society aspire to encourage and catalyze basic education among underprivileged children, connecting them into mainstream of development in a sustained manner and make sure they emerge as productive assets, and set the very foundation for nation building. Education is the most liberating force and we're determined in bringing a positive change through our small deeds.

"SAMPARK (REGD. SOCIETY)" is an Indian National Organization, started with mutual effort and endeavor of some students of Delhi University.

To provide basic learning (Education & Sports) to the economically backward, deprived and unprivileged children & seamlessly help widows of the society in achieving a state of self reliance.


  • To eradicate illiteracy by creating awareness among needy children

  • To train children and help them in getting their basic needs which includes education & sports.

  • To help widows in becoming self-dependent.

At present we've nine centers across Delhi namely Mukherjee Nagar, Polo Ground, Delhi University, Delhi School of Economics, CRP Camp Khajuri, Lalbagh, Jahangirpuri, Majnu ka Tila & Ramjas College.

In Delhi, we've more than 300 children and about 450 widows to take care of their needs. Currently our centers are in slum areas of Delhi, which are within the reach of our society members & volunteers. But we are looking for more number of volunteers to open some new centers in Delhi and to shore up these children to a bright world.

We work for slums & rural people (basically falling in migration category) where government fails to provide education & basic aids. We are making strong efforts in creating awareness among masses that are unaware of the significance and power of education. Besides that, widow welfare is also high on our agenda.

Our excellently trained society members & volunteers provide proper training to children which include helping them in reading & writing & various sports activities. We help them in their confidence building & motivate them to work for the best. Apart from that we also generate funds for their school fees and other genuine needs like uniform, bags, stationeries etc...

Our other activities include painting competition, clothes distribution and shoes distribution. Owing to that we frequently organize cultural activity programs and guest lectures on Organization's anniversary, important days and festivals. Through celebration of national and religious festivals, we ensure healthy participation of children & stress on explaining children the importance of each event and make them aware of everything under the sun.

Few more centers are about to begin in Delhi as the number of children in Delhi will reach to approx. 900. Our other "Target States" are UP, Uttaranchal, HP, J&K, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Maharashtra with approx. 5 Centers per state as per availability of human resources. With the help of sufficient members in different states of India, we will soon establish more centers all over India and serve the nation to our full potential.

Challenges are a part of everyone's life but real strength lies in overcoming them. As we are trying to open centers in as many as states possible & will surely do it in next five years. A complete dedication of members, social support and availability of adequate resources are going to be the prime requirements. At present, we are short of resources, so more volunteers are required along with support from society so that we can help each and every deprived single woman & children live a better life.

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