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SAMPARK SOCIETY is an Indian Non-Profit Organization with a dream to translate a small idea into an India initiative. Founded in the year 2005 with the collateral efforts of young Delhi students, it is slowly and steadily bringing a vibrant change in making basic education available to children as well as seamlessly working for the empowerment of widows. After two years of rigorous work Sampark society is now a registered firm committed in bringing change to the millions of deprived and unprivileged child and women.

With its head office in New-Delhi, Our vision is to 'cater smiles all around the nation, particularly through fulfilling the basic needs of children and widow women for a sustainable social development.

Thousands of children die every day in India not because of tsunami, flood, earthquake, famine or war, but from our sheer ignorance, un- willing to help and our society is fighting that evil only. Millions of India's children are deprived of their fundamental right to education every day. Most of them go to bed each night hungry, hopeless and livid.

Organization's motto is to offer basic learning (Education & Sports) to economically backward children & help out widows to make them self reliance and prevent from vulnerability.

Education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizens of tomorrow because "Knowledge Is Power". We believe education is the fundamental right of a child and by not giving it we are depriving a child of his or her right. So, we would like to bridge the gap by acting as a facilitator between children and education. With the help of government aid & public support in the form of grants or donations, we are ever eager to help them in giving a better sun and a kind sky.

Presently Organization has many centers in Delhi and we are targeting to Rural Areas of UP, Uttaranchal, HP, J&K, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal & Maharashtra.

Ours is a social organization and we need hands of support from those people who have similar concern for poor section and their upliftment. As compared to the needs and necessities of poor section, our resources are obviously not enough. We hereby appeal to all those who would like to help of their own accord or non- voluntarily means to extend the hand of support and trust to this noble cause.

New members & volunteers are request to download Relationship form (for database, membership card & posting on website etc.) and send us through email at You can also take a print out of completely filled form and post it to our mailing address.

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